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my ink pen!

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Therese Larsson

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Exercise 27 Results: Shading Candy Step by Step by: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Check out our sweet Candy Study results with full step by step explanation HERE.

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I’ve had a few inquiries about where to print and what to print, so I’m going to make a guide based of what I’ve done over the years.


This can be a really tough question. Do you prefer to do large, finished images. Or do you like working on smaller, simpler stuff? Here’s a list of basic sizes:

  • 4x6 (postcard sized)
  • 8.5x11 (standard piece of paper)
  • 11x17 or 12x18 (poster sized)

Now, that’s just for prints. If you want to do bookmarks, 1-1.5x4in+ is generally the way to go. I’ve also seen people sell things like paper dolls, puppets, and all sorts of other paper crafts! So don’t feel like you’re limited to just prints.

In terms of trinkets like keychains or charms, the size is really up to you! There are lots of people who make keychains out of 2-3in. chibis, laminate them, and attach them to keyrings. I think these are really cute and very cost effective! Charms can go from 1-3in, and can either be done via shrinky dink paper (which I have seen around and think is awesome) or you can get them professionally printed and laser cut. The former is much cheaper and easier, but the latter looks a bit more pro, in my opinion at least. 

The next thing to put into consideration is the technical stuff! Basically all I have to say here is to work at 300dpi or higher, and always make sure your stuff translates well to CMYK! I’m not very good at doing that second part, and I’ve had some problems because of it. Don’t become like me! Be prepared! ; A ;

I guess all I have left to give is all my links! I hope you guys find this stuff useful and I hope you all have good AA experiences! I look forward to selling with some of you in the future! :3

Business Cards:




  • Super good quality, fast and friendly! They still send me a thank you Christmas card every year, even though I haven’t bought from them the past couple years.
Other Stuff:
  • is a site that lists a ton of Chinese companies that do bulk sales, including sales of custom things. If you’re looking to make booby mousepads, tights, anything not specifically printed paper, I would check for places here. Be sure to do your research into each store, though!
  • Ebay! Similar to Alibaba, I use eBay or Amazon to bulk buy things like cell phone straps and lobster clasps, keychain rings, badge holders, basically stuff to put other stuff into. I generally trust eBay and Amazon better, since their review system is more thorough. Be sure to always check their feedback!

Promotional Stuff:

  • Want plastic sleeves for your prints? Want cool display boxes? Want cute little pouches for your charms? YEAH YOU DO! These guys are sorta spendy though, but in the end they are totally worth it!

I’ll probably be updating this thing over the years with more places I end up liking! 

Y’all are literally murdering me by reblogging that old post w/ that dead link, so here, I removed it and added some new info, please stop and look at this way sweeter site that i replaced it w/ and stop killing me softly. I also added a couple more new links!

I would also like to state that you don’t need to limit yourself to just what I’ve listed here in terms of merchandise. I’ve been out of the con scene for two years now, and I finally attended a couple conventions and saw tons of neat and new kinds of merch! I’ve seen cute lanyards, umbrellas, pseudo-plushies, 3DS skins, you name it! So don’t think this list is the be-all, end-all of what you can sell. If you want to make something but aren’t sure if there’s anyone printing that particular product, at least google it! You never know!


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Okay, I’ve become rather irked by how much the boobs-n-butt pose is so harped on, as if it’s some hilarious, impossible thing. These were done on a whim, so I apologize for the small/crappy photos and sketchy outlines. Once I find my camera again, I’d like to take some shots that show the whole body and how this pose actually works.

These are all practical positions, and they were all relatively comfortable to do and stay in for a good period of time. Even though the boobs-n-butt pose looks a little funny, it’s entirely plausible and anatomically correct (although it can be taken too far). So, don’t be afraid to draw it. Hopefully these photos help a little with drawing such positions! 

EDIT: (again) Oh my, these notes. Well, I’m glad at least some people find these useful. Figured I’d add some drawings that show BOTH male and females in such positions. 

Reblog forever.

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Former Disney Animator, Francis Glebas - Drawing Tips & Tricks

The Animator’s Eye: Adding Life to Animation with Timing, Layout, Design, Color, and Sound. Former Disney legend, Francis Glebas demonstrates how to illustrate his character - Iggy. 
Click here to find out more about this book:
20% OFF ALL FOCAL PRESS BOOKS - Use offer code FOC20 at


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The mighty Jesper Ejsing takes us through his thought process for this piece from Journey Into Nyx. Check it out over at Muddy Colors.

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okay I think this covers the basics of the way I do my lineart, hopefully it’ll be helpful enough! if something’s unclear don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask about it.

enjoy and dON’T GIVE UP it might get really frustrating at times with all the control z-ing and re-drawing lines but the more you do it, the quicker it’ll get to get them right the first time around and the better you’ll become at it so yes, good luck friends.

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Fox-Orian’s Digital Artist Workstation On-A-Sorta-Budget Guide - $450 to $650!



Doing digital art requires computer hardware to do it. And you can honestly start doing digital work on any computer you already own, whether it be an over-the-counter desktop or laptop, even over 5 years old!

But, if you’re getting more serious about digital art and you want a dedicated workstation to do it with hardware that’s more effective for its cost, you’re going to want to build your own computer. Laptops are great for their portability and being an easy purchase, but that’s about all they have going for them. A budget  desktop system has price-to-performance ratios that completely destroy laptops and can save you money over time from needing to upgrade less often and only needing to swap out individual parts instead of the whole machine.

Are you in the market for this sort of thing right now? This is a lengthy article, so read all about it by continuing on!

Read More

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Selling my personal photoshop ink brushes online! Here is the link to them:


Selling my personal photoshop ink brushes online! Here is the link to them:

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