Ok, just to clear a few things up a little. I’m looking at reblogs and suggestions people are sending me through asks.

I don’t recall saying anywhere that I wanted to deal with any big copyright stuff, monetary, or suing or the sort. Remember, I’ve had over a year to think about this- there are certain things I’ve thought through and won’t do for reasons.

I think the only problem I’m having about the reblogs is that the people taking about the above are seemingly pointing it towards me for being in the wrong about things I’ve not said. The first post I did was basically me feeling like shit to see it put up again. What upset me about the HUB was that they would not acknowledge me as a person/artist and did not send me an e-mail/tweet/DA note back maybe be all “Hey, that’s cool! We know who drew it, now. Nice work.”, maybe keep me in contact (hopefully fantasies now) or something. What I ACTUALLY wanted as my “prize”, of sorts, was an official e-mail or letter so that I could have credit to my name that my work got used by Hasbro in some manner, which may help me in the future with employment, or maybe further schooling. BUT, I also understand why they wouldn’t or couldn’t contact me- but just because I can understand reasons and circumstances doesn’t make my emotions void.

Thank you, I hope I cleared up my point of view of the matter.

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  1. andrews-people said: I see - A year ago. I had thought it was this year. In any case, I try not to get offended or angry for other people. That implies having some understanding or knowledge of what someone else is feeling or thinking. Which is presumptious.
  2. e-bommel said: Sadly sometimes people create drama just for drama’s sake and won’t listen to anybody but themselves. Hope that everything will work out for you in the end.
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