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Hello! Here is a little tip for Manga Studio 5 regarding one of my favorite features which isn’t immediately apparent. It has to do with vector layers and erasers.

First, create a vector layer by clicking the “New Vector Layer” at the bottom of the Layers palette: 


Now, the secret of this technique lies in your eraser. Select the eraser tool and choose the pen you’d like to use, then check out the settings. Under “Erase,” select the option “Erase up to Intersection.” 


Now, whenever you erase part of a line on the vector layer, it will erase the entire line up to the point where it intersects another line. 



This makes it much easier to clean up stray lines, so you can be looser in your inking and still end up with a fairly tidy end drawing. Have fun!

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Mirre explores Manga Studio 5: Converting lineart to vector! :O


did you guys know about manga studios vector settings?

Because it does :D

I am still kinda new to it but it’s surprisingly easy to use (or at least if you have some previous experience with vectors).

This is what I’ve played around with so far:

you take your lineart like this:


(it doesn’t have to be red btw)

and then convert it to a vector layer with these settings:



And BAM! We got a vectorized lineart!

Here’s some stuff you can do with the vectors:


Select the Option tool and click on lines that turned out a bit uneven to fix them. just right click on any of the little anchor points to edit them.


Here’s a nice thing. If a corner or a point is too curved for your taste, just right click the anchor point and select “switch angle”.


And BOOP! the anchor point is now pointy!


Just hold shift to select several anchors at once! :D


You can change the thickness of the lines for the whole layer. I set the lines at 2px and disabled the pen pressure. Which in turn ended up like this:


There’s still more of this that I need to experiment with, especially the various results you get when changing the settings. And some settings works better for some areas. Detailed stuff such as hair can be tricky and probably best to keep on a separate layer.


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Mess, sketch, and line-art for Recipes for the Dead: Steam Minted Meringue!

I feel like I’m drawing a lot of piles of roses lately, this is the third time I’ve invoked that particular space filler. I can’t help it though. They’re all curly and fun. And technically thematic to the issue! 

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WA’s BOOT Anatomy Tutorial Pt2 by RadenWA frm DeviantArt

i’ve needed this in my life since forever

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Centre of gravity.

If your character is just standing there, regardless as to what their posture is like, the centre of gravity should fall (as the name suggests) through the centre of their body!

On here I’ve shown the centre of gravity as a split between two colours to make it easier to see the mass on both sides.

In the middle there is a lil charmander running, and because he’s in motion there is more mass on one side - the direction he is heading in has more weight pushing him in that direction

and at the bottom, no matter how far forwards your character is leaning, the mass still needs to be equal so they dont fall over!!

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Tuesday Tips - SHORTHANDS

It’s crucial to find ways to draw characters clearly and fast when storyboarding. Line mileage alone can become an impossible mountain to climb if you don’t simplify the way you draw characters. Leave all details aside and find the essence of a character. Shorthands are the gesture drawings of storyboarding. Specific characters have specific attributes that make them stand out. Sometimes it’s just the way they stand. Sometimes their hairstyle is unconventional. Find what’s key about a character and get rid of what’s common.


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Model Sheet from Bambi by Marc Davis

Model Sheet from Bambi by Marc Davis

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Artsy references from the Animators desk in the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka.

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Did a fun little illustration for “Furries Forever” awhile ago… it’s been okayed to post it recently, so I am! :D 

OMG see you can totally see my rabbit guy on the cover! Isn’t he cute!?

I also wrote a tutorial for the book, as well as several other artists! If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you should definitely check it out… we all worked hard on it! :D

Furries Forever <—- Newest one, aww yeah!

Draw More Furries <—- I also have a piece in this one! 

Draw Furries <—- The original!

And of course, check out Lindsay Cibos’ gallery… she has a ton of great stuff! Cute polar bears everywhereeee!

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